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Smart Desk provides solution in reconfiguration of modular workstation.

We can help to dismantle the existing furniture, index it, transport to the new location and reinstall the same modular furniture. If the configuration of new layout is different, we can source the balance materials and complete the site. We can also replace the fabric finish to give a new look to the workstation. Reconfiguration work can also be done for the same location with respect to the client changing requirements of work spaces.

Clients where we have provided above solutions include PWC (RMZ Millennia), Crimsonlogic India Pvt. Ltd., TMI, Custologix etc.

Furniture Maintenance

Smart Desk help client to maintain the existing furniture.

Usually over a period of time parts of furniture wear out and it needs to be serviced to keep it in good working condition. It includes change of fabric for the workstation panels and tiles to give a overall new and fresh look. Replacement of storages lock, servicing of key board tray are the usual activities carried out. Other solution include extra slot cutting for electrical plates, cleaning of glass tiles and replacement of fully damaged parts of the furniture.

Clients include ISRO, George P Johnson, Sigma Info solutions, Lex Valorem etc.

Chair Servicing

Smart Desk offers solution in repair, servicing and refurbishing of existing chairs.

Office chair repairs are the best and cost effective way to keep the chairs in a good working condition. We make it simple to undertake this activity. The common problems are with gas lift, broken arm rest, broken base and castors coming out. We do all this activity at site without affecting the normal operations. If the chair requires special mechanism or welding work we take to our workshop and repair it.

We have serviced more than 100 clients for the repair of chairs. It includes Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd, Crimsonlogic India Pvt. Ltd., Streamnet India Pvt. Ltd, Team Universe etc.

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